• Our model Klipp Top 5 enhances our licence plate holder systems on the technical basis of the Klipp Top 4, with the additional advantage of a width reduced to the max. for tight mounting situations
  • Optimum damping – undesirable noise and vibration of the licence plate are prevented by the progressive damping system reliably. 
At the same time vibration causing damages to the car paint and noises towards the vehicle body are avoided by the additional damping of the base plate on its back.
Nonetheless the (de-)mounting of the plate stays simple and easy
  • Perfect fit – suits sunken and tight plate mounting locations, which are designed for a 520mm standard-plate with the usual fabrication tolerances, too
  • Perfect design – all designs are possible! Exclusive multi-coloured raised texts with or without 3D logos, over-all 3D stickers, brilliant digital direct prints as well as standard silk-screen prints.
  • Successful promotion – full-size advertising bar without visual interference by locking parts or other disruptions give you the optimum readability of your advertising message and the attention of your future customers
  • Attractive looks – the pleasing overall appearance is completed by an elegant undisrupted surrounding white rim with an inserted plate. The licence plate holder’s perfect profile is free from holding lugs, corners and edges
  • Secure fixing – licence plate holder does not produce any noises or vibrations. The specifically designed locking mechanism avoids an autonomous opening reliably – even in extreme situations
  • Perfect technology – wear-free, genuine hinge connections of the advertising bar on the base plate, as well as secure clip locks using robust mushroom heads are your guarantee for many years of system use, supporting your advertising. This provides you with a unique, favourable price/performance ratio
  • Solid material – with a high material input of 100% high-quality special primary plastic, we achieve special stability while retaining flexibility. This avoids having to stock a pre-curved product line (only one product is needed for straight and curved applications). This saves you additional storage and handling costs
  • Legal conformity – number plate holder complies with EU Directive 74/483/EEC (outside edge radii)
  • User-friendly fitting – easy and quick opening from the front in order to prevent damage to the car paint. Matchless easy fixing of the licence plate, without handicaps, using the down-folding mechanism of the advertising bar. Once the licence plate is inserted, it will be held by two additional brackets in the base plate; by then you have your hands free for closing. Self-explaining handling
  • Compatible system – can be used with our adapter for red licence plates, Top Card and licence plates. With this product from Helmut Seitz GmbH, you have purchased a well-designed system which is versatile, efficient and always innovative